PT Aide

Josue Cruz, PT Aide

Josue Ibarra Cruz is a valuable member of the team at AQEPT, where he serves as a PT Aide. Since joining in March of 2023, Josue has proven to be an invaluable asset, providing exceptional support to the Physical Therapist and assisting patients in their rehabilitation journey.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Therapy from Universidad del Futbol y Ciencias del Deporte in México City, which he obtained in 2018, Josue has a solid educational foundation. He also brings years of practical experience, having worked as a Physical Therapist in both an Out-Patient PT Clinic and Home Health Care settings in Mexico.

Josue's dedication and passion are evident in how he interacts with patients. He treats them with respect and dignity, creating a comfortable and supportive environment for their therapy sessions. His goal is to become a Licensed Physical Therapist in California, and he is actively working towards achieving that milestone.

With his extensive knowledge, caring nature, and experience, Josue Ibarra Cruz continues to contribute to the success of AQEPT and the well-being of its patients.


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